Should You Worry About Sores on Your Tongue

A sore on your tongue can be quite painful. It can occur due to intake of certain foods, broken teeth, and/or certain medical conditions. By looking at certain signs, you can determine if you require a visit to a dentist or a health physician.

Canker Sore

These sores are also referred to as mouth ulcers. Areas at which these sores can occur include tongue, gums, mouth palate, and cheeks. These sores can also occur when you bite your tongue. Other reasons for the occurrence of these sores include genetics, stress, burnt tongue, broken teeth, and consumption of spicy and acidic foods. As an option for treatment or prevention, you can consider having a supply of vitamin B12, folate, iron, and/or zinc because lack of these nutrients can lead to the development of canker sores. In order to get some relief, you can consider rinsing your mouth using an over-the-counter sore mouth rinse.

Change in eating habits can help you prevent and get rid of the canker sores. This problem may be genetic but it doesn’t mean that it is untreatable.

Cold sores

There is a fair chance that the sore on your tongue is a cold sore. This type of sore is usually caused by a virus. This virus can enter into your body and live there for years. In this scenario, the virus may not remain active but it is always ready to get triggered. There are various ways it can get triggered such as illness, hormonal changes, stress and sunburn. Typically, these sores remain in the mouth for 2 weeks but you can use some over-the-counter medicines to get rid of these sores.

Since it is caused by virus, this sore can occur as a result of interacting with anything which could transfer the virus. Proper oral and overall hygiene can help you prevent these sores.

Getting rid of these sores

There can be many reasons for the occurrence of these sores. Genetics is one of them. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot prevent or get rid of these sores. You can take care of your oral hygiene to make sure that these sores do not occur in your mouth. Using same preventive action, you can even get rid of existing sores.

Another very appropriate option is to visit your dentist or health physician. The benefit of visiting the professional health physician is that you would be able to know about your problem in detail. And dental or health physician will be able to provide you the best of care in order to treat the root cause.


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